Polish Long Haired German Shepherd

Polish Long Haired German Shepherd aka Polish German Shepherd

With the smartness of a genius, protection a loyal friend offers, and the beauty of rare uniqueness, the exclusivity of a Polish Long Haired German Shepherd aka Polish German Shepherd has undoubtedly stolen hearts. The Polish dog breeds have been popular for their specialties, dogs are a part of their culture, and a Long Haired German Shepherd has also shared the spotlight.

These dogs from Poland are often misinterpreted as an “aggressive breed”; however, there is no doubt that they show their caution towards strangers due to a lack of faith but have proven to be affectionate and loving towards their owner.

Let’s talk about some factors which make the Long Haired Shepherds from Poland unique.


Their breed holds significance among Polish dogs due to their unique build and their history with Polish people. Germans expanded the Long Haired German Shepherds. They wanted to create a suitable herding dog. The German Shepherds had indeed dropped immensely in terms of population in Germany after the First and Second world wars; however, they are the best breeds of a POLISH LONG HAIRED GERMAN SHEPHERD . They are known for their build, amazingly sometimes BLACK LONG HAIR, and they are a Polish specialty.

long haired german shepherd puppy

Best of The Lands

Long-haired German Shepherds exist in a percentage of 10% among the overall German Shepherd breeds.

Their location and history are the factors to the utter uniqueness they possess. Poland is adjacent to Germany, so incorporating the beauty and exceptionality of the two lands has shown to outcast in this breed of German Shepherds. Combing the best from Czech and Slovak working efficacy and high breed standard from Germans, a Long Haired German Shepherd is known to be pure, and it can’t come as a surprise that the demand for them being specifically from Poland has its bar raised.

Much Friendlier Than Their Standard GSD

The Polish Long Haired German Shepherds are proven to be great in households compared to the standard German Shepherds. As beautiful and graceful their long silky hair looks and feels, they equally tend to shed. They are sharp, intelligent, and extremely keen on activities. This breed from Poland has a thing for highly active energy. The Polish Long Haired German Shepherds Puppies require a great load of care. They require training and are most loved for their bushy appearance given by their long fur.

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